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The Huni Kuin people, also known as "Kaxinawá" (bat-people) or “true people,” (from huni, "people", and kuin meaning "true.") as they call themselves, live mostly in the Brazilian Amazon Basin, but their lands extend to the foot of the Andes in eastern Peru. The Huni Kuin are the largest indigenous population in the Brazilian state of Acre, currently living on twelve Indigenous reservations along seven different rivers: Purus, Envira, Murú, Humaitá, Tarauacá, Breu and Jordão.

Today Huni Kuin spirituality echoes throughout the world. This movement began just over a decade ago, with the arrival of three young Huni Kuin leaders in Rio de Janeiro, to conduct ceremonies outside their villages for the first time. Nowadays, many Huni Kuin spiritual leaders travel regularly through the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

There have been numerous exhibitions on this rich culture in some of the major museums in the world, as well as award-winning films and books. These messengers of the forest have an important and positive message that suggests a new era, a time of reconciliation between mankind and Mother Nature.



Tuwe is a leader of the Huni Kuin Tribe and a Shaman, Filmmaker, Forest agent and advocate, and youth teacher from the Amazon.  We are delighted that he will be joining our workshop with all his wisdom and experience!  When leading groups he carries the support of all his ancestors. Those who have participated with him in ceremony know how clear and powerful this connection is.


Txana Masha Minor is a political and spiritual leader of his people in the small village of Vigilante located on the Humaita River in Acre, Brazil, where he lives with his wife and 4 children. He is known as Pajé (Healer) in his village, he is the chief and also the president of the 5 tribes of the Huni Kuin of the Humaita River.


He was selected at an early age by the elders as someone of significance to their people and began working with the healing arts at age 8. Txana Masha, as a well spoken educator, works with the youth of his village teaching the Huni Kuin traditions of the forest, medicinal and otherwise.


His dedication to preserving and sharing the culture of his people with the world is expressed through his vision to travel outside his native land. In doing this, he aims to help his tribe with the resources they need in the village by sharing the medicine, the wisdom, cosmology, prayers, stories and songs of the Huni Kuin ceremonies.  He is a captivating speaker and performs his teachings in such a way that words aren't always required.  

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