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Aug 22th -Sep 1st 2023

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to invite you to join us on a journey to the mystical land of Bahia Brazil, Miralva homeland. This retreat is for those seeking a unique and authentic experience, free from the usual tourist crowds. Here, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty, joy, and healing power of nature, as well as explore the rich indigenous and African cultures that have shaped this region for centuries.

Through this retreat, we will tap into the spiritual essence of Bahia, connecting with the land and its people in a profound way. You will have the opportunity to learn about traditional healing practices, participate in sacred ceremonies, and deepen your own spiritual journey through guided meditations and mindfulness practices.

We will also explore the stunning natural beauty of Bahia, from its pristine beaches and lush rainforests to its vibrant cities and charming towns. Along the way, we will savor the flavors of traditional Bahia cuisine and connect with the warm and welcoming locals who call this land home.

This retreat is a truly unique opportunity to experience the magic of Bahia, in a way that few others have. We invite you to join us on this journey of self-discovery and cultural exploration, as we connect with the spirit of Brazil and unlock the secrets of this mystical land.

With love and light,


Miralva Melo & Gina Pierre have joined forces to create a unique retreat experience that blends the power of ancient healing arts with modern wellness practices.


Miralva, a Curandeira, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & certified Shamanic Yoga Instructor, brings decades of experience in movement & sacred healing arts.


Dr.Gina Pierre, on the other hand, is the Founder & CEO of Ommmango Wellness, a licensed acupuncturist, certified reiki healer & wellness coach, with a passion for women's health, chronic pain, & emotional well-being.

Together, they have crafted a transformative retreat in Bahia, Brasil, where guests will immerse themselves in the wisdom of ancient healing practices while receiving personalized support to enhance their physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. This retreat, born from the union of Awakebliss Retreat & Ommmango Wellness, is a celebration of healing, transformation, & holistic wellness.



Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner will be provided every day except when we are on a  tour! 



Day 1:  The Sea


-Transportation Pickup from the SSA airport to Hotel Capitu. We’ll provide 3 scheduled pick-ups to accommodate different arrival schedules. 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm, and  7:00 pm.


-Check in at Hotel Capitu and settle into your accommodations.


-Orientation: Gather for a welcome circle and orientation session to get acquainted with the retreat space, the schedule, and your fellow retreat participants.


-Intention Setting: Set your intentions for the retreat and share them with the group as we prepare to embark on a transformative journey together.



Day 2: 


-Sunrise Meditation, Breathwork, and Movement at the Beach: Begin your day with a tranquil sunrise meditation and gentle movement session on the beach.


-Personal Treatments Session: Enjoy a personalized treatment session throughout the day, which includes massage, Reiki, and acupuncture. Take the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit.



Day 3: 


-Movement therapy session in the hotel, utilizing various techniques to explore and express ourselves through movement.


-Departure for the Whale watch excursion in Praia do Forte, located 30 minutes away from the hotel. The excursion will give us the opportunity to observe humpback whales in their natural habitat.


-Visit a natural pool in the area.


-Lunch in Praia do Forte.


-Return to the hotel for some rest and relaxation time.



Day 4:  Lençóis


-Early morning departure to Chapada Diamantina!


-We will make a stop at Lençóis, a quaint and colorful town typical of the Brazilian countryside. Surrounded by lush green hills. Lençóis offers a chance to experience the local culture and cuisine. We will spend the rest of the day here and overnight. While in Lençóis, we will have the opportunity to try some local delicacies, such as cocoa and acai juice. The town is also a great spot for birdwatching, with many hummingbirds frequenting the area. 


Day 5: The mountains


-Back on the road to our destination, the retreat center in the heart of Chapada Diamantina, where we will spend the next four nights surrounded by stunning natural beauty.


-Arrival at the Retreat Center:

Check in and settle into your accommodations. Be prepared to enjoy pure bliss.  


-Participate in group clay therapy and sweat lodge in the afternoon.


-Gather by the fire under the stars before bedtime.



Day 6: 


-In the morning, we will enjoy a walking meditation to start our day mindfully. 


-Later, we will have a Flower Ceremony, which is an opportunity to connect with the energy of different flowers and experience their healing properties.



Day 7: 


On this day, participants will have the opportunity to embark on a stunning hike through Chapada Diamantina National Park to Cachoeira Angélica. The hike will take approximately one to two hours, and participants will have the chance to witness the beauty of the park's natural surroundings. Upon returning to the Retreat Center, participants will have time to rest and rejuvenate before enjoying a delicious dinner.



Day 8:


-Begin your day with a calming meditation to center your mind and body. Following this, we will continue with the Healing Touch workshop, a transformative experience designed to energize and awaken both body and mind.


-Later in the day, join an intuitive dance class and explore movement as a form of self-expression. 


-In the evening, gather around a cozy fire for a musical gathering, where we can connect through the universal language of music and create beautiful memories together.


Day 9:  Back to the sea with a visit to Cachoeira Santo Amaro 


-The day will start with a rejuvenating movement therapy session to connect with the body and release any stagnant physical and emotional partner. 


-Enjoy a delicious breakfast before departing for our final destination, Hotel Capitu.


- On the way back to Salvador, we will make a stop in the historic town of Cachoeira, where we will spend a few hours exploring the area and learning about its rich history and cultural significance.

-Visit local landmarks and attractions like the Samba de Roda Museum or the Cachoeira Church.


-Connect with the local community and witness firsthand the vibrant traditions of Candomblé.


-Return to Capitu in the evening, taking with us the enrichment and inspired feelings.



Day 10: 


-Enjoy a day of relaxation and exploration with time to rest and discover the local area at your leisure.


-In the evening, join us for a special celebration as we come together to honor the journey we have taken together and the connections we have made.


Day 11: 


-Check out and departure.

We say our goodbyes until we meet again! 

Namaste 🙏🏾

"The Awake Bliss Women's Revitalization Retreat was truly healing and replenishing.  I went on the retreat looking for a chance to rest and restore my mind and spirit and it lived up to every expectation.  Mira thoughtfully and lovingly created an experience to awaken the divine feminine in each participant. Activities were carefully selected and every activity soothed and stimulated a different aspect of self.   Days were filled with delicious food, dancing, laughter and reflection and women from various stages of life were able to come together and bond. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking for a chance to connect with themselves, mother earth and others in a safe a loving space. "



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